SQ2000XP Kit Plane Project

Rare, exotic, beautiful. Ready for you to finish and fly away.


Original kit from Glassic Composites retailed for $45,000.

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It has been several years and progress has stopped for me.  It’s time to find this bird a new home… someone who has the time to complete this super cool airplane project.



Wikipedia has a nice summary of the aircraft.  If you are unfamiliar, the key design points are:

Canard Configuration

The canard is a lifting surface, unlike a tail plane, resulting in no wasted down-force.

Retractable Gear

Infinity Aerospace gear.  All 3 gear retract hydraulically.

Fiberglass Construction

Forget rust, corrosion, and fatigue.  Fiberglass is smooth, light weight, and resilient.

4 Seats

Designed as a four seat airplane from the beginning.

Aircraft Specifications

Below are the SQ2000XP performance specifications from the original marketing material.  Obviously I cannot vouch for the numbers since I haven’t finished building the aircraft.

Estimated Performance
Cruise Speed ◊ 230 MPH
Max Speed ⇓ 260 MPH
Rate of Climb ⇓ 2,200 FPM
Range @ Cruise 1,035 SM
Takeoff Distance 1,600 FT
Landing Distance 1,500 FT
Landing Speed (Min Wt) 76 MPH
at sea level
at 75% power


Recommended Engine
Manufacturer Lycoming
Model IO-360-C1A
Horsepower 200
Cylinders 4
Propeller 3-Blade Fixed 66″x76″
Fuel Capacity 42 gal useful
Fuel Burn Ž◊ŒŒ 11.3 GPH
Endurance ◊ 3.7 Hours
Landing Gear Hydraulic Retractable
Ž◊ŒŒ At 75% power


Max Takeoff Weight 2,250 lbs
Empty Weight 1,250 lbs
Useful Load 1,000 lbs
Payload (full fuel) 748 lbs
Wing Area 104.2 sq ft
Max Wing Loading 21 lbs/(sq ft)
Power Loading 11.0 lbs/HP


Interior Dimensions
Cabin Length (rudder pedals to center of rear seats) 83″
Cabin Width (front seats) 47″
Cabin Width (rear seats) 42″
Cabin Headroom (seat to ceiling) 41″


How much has been completed?

I’ve invested 2,900 hours into the project to date.  Yep, I’m a slow builder.  But I’m kind of a perfectionist, and spend a lot of time on the small details.

A rough approximation of the major section completion is shown below.  The fuselage bar is much longer because it represents the biggest chunk of work.

  • Fuselage 95% 95%
  • Wing 95% 95%
  • Canard 100% 100%
  • Landing Gear & Brakes 94% 94%
  • Flight Controls 35% 35%
  • Electrical Systems 25% 25%
  • Fuel System 80% 80%
  • Wing Strake 98% 98%
  • Propulsion & Cowl 5% 5%
  • Interior 25% 25%
  • Finish 30% 30%

Big picture, here’s what still needs to be completed before this kit turns into an actual airplane:

Air data sensors and instruments
Wiring inside the wing is complete
Landing gear wiring is complete
Rudder and aileron installation
Flight control mechanical
Rear seats
Instrument panel
Blank panel & glareshield complete
Engine cowl
Everything aft of the fire wall

Theses photos show the current state of the project.

For detailed construction photos, click the below button or the Construction Photos link at the top.